Delivering incredible results without relying on harmful, toxic chemicals.  All FUZE products are developed to be the safe and environmental alternative.

Heavy duty paint stripper

Visible results

possible in seconds

Durostrip gets to work the moment you apply it.

With emulsion and gloss, blistering may begin in a matter of seconds. You can even see it go to work softening and lifting paint right before your eyes.  Ready for you to simply scrape off ready for your next step.

How to use paint stripper

Makes easy work of tough jobs.

A paint stripping solution for emulsion, gloss, primer and almost every kind of paint available.

Durostrip can break down paint one layer at a time regardless of age or surface.    

Non toxic paint stripper

Non-toxic & clean

Green in more ways than one.  Our exclusive formulation is water based and fully bio-degradeable.  Free from corrosive and caustic chemicals most often found in paint strippers.  Our products won't harm you, your family or your environment.

Durostrip the strong, environmental and sensible option for paint removal. 

All FUZE products are developed and manufactured exclusively in the UK. Our products are consistently tested and improved to deliver only the best results possible at a price you can trust.